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Culture Media of assured quality were just not available in India. When scientists at Bombay University felt challenged, they went ahead to develop a manufacturing technology for fulfilling their needs. What posed as a challenge to Microbiologists, turned out to be a blessing in disguise, and a team of microbiologists at Bombay University girded up their loins to develop the technology to manufacture culture media right from scratch. So began HiMedia Laboratories.

In 1976 HiMedia joined a select band of companies worldwide possessing this high-tech knowhow. As indeed today it possesses the largest and the finest range of culture media at surprisingly affordable prices. Today the same culture media products we export to 130 countries in the world.

HiMedia survived only because of their ‘Quality First’ approach. As the Indian scientists were progressively convinced about the quality, affordable prices and service, HiMedia’s products found acceptance in a rapidly emerging off-the-shelf media market in India understandably of HiMedia’s own creation. HiMedia have ever since their inception, enjoyed 97% market share in India, and were aware of the tremendous burden of the trust reposed in them by the entire microbiologist community of India. This backing of the HiMedia brand gave the company its major strength to pursue a ‘Quality First’ approach. It was this approach which eventually helped HiMedia to sell its products internationally.

The strict professional approach of HiMedia in safeguarding and promoting their priceless quality management culture, finally won a seal of authenticity. Today on the quality front, HiMedia have the ISO 9001-2008, ISO 13485-2003, WHO-GMP and CE certifications. In the awake of global TSE/BSE scare, HiMedia pioneered 1500 HiVegTMAnimal free Culture Media. This completely eliminated any kind of meat product from classical media formulations. These are becoming increasingly relevant as bird-flu and swine-flu keep playing havoc with the world. Greening the world and reducing the carbon footprint load, is the company’s commitment. Global technological advances have been brought to you by HiMedia since its inception, and we are committed to serving you.

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