Dehydrated Culture Media for Biochemical Identification

Dehydrated culture media can be used for the analysis of various microbiological attributes of different samples such as presence/absence, enumeration or identification of microorganism. Bacterial colonies differ greatly in their morphological and physiological attributes that helps in their identification anddifferentiation. Tests based on these metabolic variations were designed to identify different bacterial species. More importantly, these tests, in conjunction with a dichotomous tree, can help in the unambiguous identification of an organism.

Correct identification of the organism depends on the occurrence of proper biochemical reactions. This in-turn depends on the quality of media that is being used, facilitating the expression of the intended biochemical trait. Complete range of high quality culture media for biochemical identification of microorganisms are a part of HiMedia’s broad manufacturing program. We also offer these media in HiVeg™ i.e. animal free form.

Dehydrated Culture Media Products:

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