Diagnostic Dehydrated Culture Media

Clinial diagnostics consist of detection and identification of microorganisms responsible for infectious diseases, as well as for pinpointing suitable antibiotic treatment for curing those diseases.

HiMedia offer entire range of quality controlled dehydrated culture media and supplements for clinical diagnostics. We manufacture theses media and supplements, governed and tested at our sophisticated well equipped QC laboratory at Mumbai, India.

Our QC testing governs the quality of raw materials used, enabling selection and optimization of peptones, yeast extracts, supplements and combinations of these for different formulations as well as applications of dehydrated culture media. Each batch of media is optimized for precise and definitive identification of infectious diseases. Many of these media are available in HiVeg™ form, which are animal free.

Advantages of HiMedia DCM for clinical diagnostics

1. Media with high degree of clarity for accurate colony identification
2. Optimized media for separated and differential colonies
3. High solubility avoiding ambiguities in media preparation
4. Heat stable during autoclaving
5. Minimum batch-to-batch variability
6. Wide range of supplements and growth inhibitors for better diagnosis of the infectious

Dehydrated Culture Media Products:

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