General Dehydrated Culture Media

In microbiology, a General purpose media is something that can be used to nurture any non fastidious microorganism. Some of the known general purpose media used in culturing of microorganisms includes Tryptocase Soy Broth (TSB) and Tryptocase Soy Agar (TSA).

HiMedia offer a complete range of general purpose media for various applications, which satisfy the requirements in various fields of microbiology. Nutrient components of general purpose media are carefully selected to recover the required spectrum of organisms in any given sample e.g. coliforms or anaerobes.

Since the production of peptones is from our captive bulk-manufacturing plant, HiMedia have full control over the quality of the finished products. Resulting products are of refined consistency and reproducible. However, more demanding organisms require supplemental growth factors to be added. Examples of such requirements can be seen in media for Legionella species.

Many of these media are also available in HiVeg™ form which is free from animal based tryptones.

Dehydrated Culture Media Products:

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