HiCrome: Dehydrated Culture Media

HiCrome™ chromogenic media are rapid and reliable for detection and identification of microorganisms, hence their demand is growing.

In HiCrome™ chromogenic media, the target organisms are characterized by enzyme systems that metabolize the substrates to release the chromogen. The chromogen can then be visually detected by direct observation of a distinct color change in the medium. This enables the direct confirmation of the target organism in a single test. Detection and differentiation of more than one organism on a single plate is enabled with the help of a combination of several chromogenic substrates and adequate selectivity.

With the gains in the development of selective agents and diverse chromogenic substrates, HiMedia R&D have successfully developed an impressive range of HiCrome™ chromogenic media for meeting our customers’ unique analytical needs. This uniqueness in quality reflects in considerable number of citations that we have received for chromogenic as well as non-chromogenic media and supplements.

Dehydrated Culture Media Products:

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